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Latex optimization & silky latex

Tight and easy to put on and remove tight latex parts without a zipper?
Due to our special treatment problem-free possible!


Our many years of experience also enable us to carry out difficult repairs or tailor-made solutions.

Tips for leather care

Genuine leather is a gift of nature. We use only the finest aniline dyed lamb nappa. (Dyed without pollutants and without extra color layer) for all women's leather clothing.

For men's leather pants or chaps, we prefer high-quality fine cowhide nappa, soft yet durable.

For regular care for long durability, good appearance and suppleness, please treat the garments as often as possible with our leather care oil or our care spray. These products protect against moisture and UV radiation, and nourishes the leather sustainably.

For leather wear, use Gall and/or leather soaps and allow the parts to dry slowly. Immediately afterwards treat with care again.

So you always have pleasure in your leather clothing from Highlights

Tips for latex care

Tips for latex careLatex is a natural product. Latex, from which our erotic clothes are made, is made of vulcanized rubber.

Longest shelf life is guaranteed by following a few rules. Latex rubber does not like UV and sunlight, no extreme heat, no fat and oil and no ozone.

Protect your high-quality latex rubber coat by regular washing with our special latex detergent (without surfactants), then simply rub the parts with a damp sponge cloth with our high-gloss latex care. Then powder and store as dark and cool as possible.

Alternatively, you can also add one or two teaspoons of our medical silicone oil after washing in the rinse cycle.

This silicone oil is particularly suitable for tightening tight things such as stockings and gloves. Just apply a sun cream to the skin

Tips for the care of clothing made of varnish and artificial leather

Wash the parts best with our detergent for artificial leather in lukewarm water by hand. For care and maintenance we recommend our high gloss.

Take this with a soft sponge cloth and rub with a soft dry cloth. You will be delighted! Your fashionable outfit thanks you with a long life and always look good.


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